Our History

Ramsgate Soccer Club was inaugurated at a meeting held at the Ramsgate public School on February 18 of 1959. Prior to this, for a number of years the Ramsgate school actually entered teams in the Saturday St George Soccer competition. From 1972 season the Ram was adopted as the Club's insignia.

During 1984, the Ramsgate Youth Soccer Club accepted an offer from the Ramsgate RSL Club to join their Youth Club Organisation and from the 1985 season our club name was changed to: Ramsgate RSL Youth Soccer CIub. With the change of name also came a change in the Club colours from green and gold to blue and gold. Since our inaugural year we have entered junior teams in the St George Competition each year and as well in most seasons we have had senior teams, including women's teams playing.


From 1967 our home ground was A.S. Tanners Field or simply called "Tanners" (the field was named in honour of the long-standing Secretary of the St. George Soccer Association, Mr A.S. (Sid) Tanner), however due to restrictions on the age groups that can play on Tanners, in 1999 saw us move our home ground to Scarborough Park West where all age groups could play on adjoining fields.  In 2017 we moved to our current home ground Scarborough Park East, Monterey St Monterey. 

Due to our geographical position, Ramsgate Football Club has of necessity been a medium size club, fielding from 7 to 40 teams each year in the St. George Soccer competition including in recent years all girls non-competition teams (U6-11). However, our record is a proud one. The Club has fielded many premiership-winning teams. In our 60 year history Ramsgate teams have also performed well in the Champion of Champion State series. Our records do not show that we have won a Champion of Champion series but we have reached the finals on at least 2 occasions, one leading to the quote "where's Ramsgate?" being made by the Coach of a leading Sydney Club (the other finalist) in the Champion of Champions that year.

Our Club has been the stepping stone for many of our executives to higher positions in soccer. Mr Ken Pitt, Mr Bill Dobson and Mr Bill Bariamis have all moved up to be President of the St George Association, as well as coaches such as Mr "Bushy'' Pillay and Trevor Trotman who have given freely their skills to the youth of the area.

Ramsgate RSL FC has won the St George Football Association 'Fair Play' award for 2010/11/12/13/15/17 and the prestigious SGFA Club Championship award in 1966, 1972, 1973, 2008 & 2015 and runners up in 1996, 2000, 2006, 2007. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The letter that started Ramsgate Soccer Club

The following letter was circulated by the Headmaster of the Ramsgate Public School, to parents in the area, for a General Meeting to be held on 18th February, 1959 at Ramsgate Public School:


Dear Parents,

As you probably know, it has been decided to form a Ramsgate Soccer Club, quite and apart from the Ramsgate School. The school has, in the past entered teams in the St. George Saturday Soccer competitions, which have functioned most successfully. However, so great is the interest which has developed that in order to expand the age groups available, it is best if a separate club is formed. Of course, the lower age teams will be composed mainly of boys attending the school, and will be coached there by the teachers, although some outside practices will be required. The management of these teams will be taken over for the Saturday competitions by selected parents. It is proposed that the under 14 years teams will be largely composed of past pupils of the school and will have to be completely managed and coached by the parents.


A meeting is being called for Wednesday, 18th February 1959, at the school to officially form a Ramsgate Soccer Club and elect its office-bearers for 1959. If you are interested in the formation of such a club, or if you are keen to manage or coach a team, then you are invited to attend the meeting, which will start at 7.45 p.m.

Of course, this club will have nothing to do with the school's Friday competitions, which are purely a school matter. However, as many boys are interested in playing Saturday sport in under 10, under 12 and under 14 years competitions, your attendance at this meeting will be a great encouragement to those interested in the commencement of this most worth-while venture.

Remember, your efforts will help to provide sport for the boys of your district. Hoping you find it convenient to attend."


Following the successful meeting, the Ramsgate Soccer Club was formed for the 1959 season.