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Ramsgate RSL FC goes from strength to strength 
Season 2021
Available Age Groups/Players Needed
Upcoming Events
Season Kick-Off Details

A good write up from Football NSW on the progress we have made as a club on and off the field over the last few years.


Ramsgate RSL FC would like to congratulate the following players on their selection in the 2021 SGFA Part-Time Girls Skill Acquisition Program (SAP)

  • U10 - Harriet Galbraith, Klaudia Sarar

  • U11 -  Myra Hampaul, Julie Martyn,  Maja Barbaresco

  • U12 -  Ameenah Richards

  • U13 - Nicoletta Karavatakis, Cloe Keremelevski, Sienna Naumovski, Ruby Trindade, Erica Yacoel

COVID-19 Important Information


Friendly reminder please ensure you check the current NSW Government COVID-19 news and updates on hotspot areas, public health orders before turning up to play (includes training)

Also do not share water bottles, maintain social distance guidelines when not on the playing field for players and for any spectators please maintain social distance as well.

Stay safe and please do the right thing as per the government guidelines​.




All Female Teams

  • U8  - 2-4 players across multiple teams

  • U12 - 2-3 players

  • U13/14 - 1-2 players & Goalkeeper

All Male Teams

  • U8 - 2-3 players across multiple teams

  • U9  - 1-2 players across multiple teams

  • U10 - 1-2 players across multiple teams

  • U12 - 2-3 players across multiple teams

  • U13 - 2-3 players

  • U14 - 1-2 players

Important Announcement all new female players

If you are female and aged between 5-16 and new to Ramsgate RSL FC you will receive a discounted registration fee for season 2021. For the first 100 new female players registered aged between 5-16 the registration fee will be $100 for season 2021. Please enter Active Kids Voucher at the voucher code section and then select Pay Offline and we will look after everything else.  

  • AAM and AAW Monday 5th April

  • U12 - U17/21 Saturday 10th April & Sunday 11th April

  • U6 - U11 Saturday 17th April & Sunday 18th April